Welcome! My name's Shimmi and I'm a self-taught digital artist. I've been working full-time as an artist since 2018 but I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. 

I've been a member of the furry community since 2011 and in 2016 I attended my first convention: Confuzzled! I was a dealer for the first time at Confuzzled 2019, followed by Virtual Confuzzled 2020 & 2021, then ScotiaCon 2022 and Confuzzled 2022. I'll be dealing at ScotiaCon 2023 and Confuzzled 2023!

My work is colourful and expressive and I enjoy drawing anthropomorphic animal characters, monsters and humanoids. My work covers a range of themes and I rarely turn down a project, a fact that I'm immensely proud of. I love the challenge of drawing something I haven't tackled before, and I'm always learning more and pushing the boundary of my skills.

Commissioner Testimonials

Thank you all for your kind words! Your feedback helps me to improve my service and lets me know what you like about working with me! You can fill in my feedback form here: https://forms.gle/RBjtf1oKEi9PyFH77

'''Shimmi was very communicative and understanding during the commission, and tweaked the artwork in a timely fashion. Very lovely to deal with too.''

-Poppy (2023)

''Shimmi always is one of the artists I look to commission when I have the need for art and pretty much one of the only things that stops me is when they are not open. It’s been great watching their style develop over the years (omg it has been years) and I still keep coming back. Doesn’t that just say it all? ''

-Terrence (2023)

''I’ve commissioned both a fully painted piece as well as numerous rounds of Telegram stickers from you. In all cases you’ve been really easy to work with, and have always delivered quality results. You also have defined regular commission openings and never take too many on, so your queue times are more than reasonable. Your public Trello also helps with transparency, as I’ve never had to chase up where I was in the queue or wonder what was being worked on. In addition, communication via Telegram has always been excellent (and friendly), with quick responses and willingness to discuss changes and adjustments to art as needed. Honestly, you’re one of the artists I usually recommend to those looking for commissions. :) ''

-Raketh (2023)

"Having commissioned Shimmi a few times now, I have been incredibly pleased and impressed by the professionalism and skill on display. Shimmi has always been willing to listen to feedback, make changes when possible and has created some amazing works for me. Of note is when she did extra research on a game she had not played to add more depth to my cosplay piece. Of my most recent piece, a character design commission for a new fursona, she listened to my design ideas, used my references well and always made sure I felt in control of the design. I would highly recommend Shimmi to anyone for professional, high quality work!"

-Dynalope (2021)

"Thank you for the amazing work. You made the experience of creating my first OC reference sheet fun. You were able to take my grab-bag of ideas and turn them into a brilliant and well designed character. I look forward to commissioning again."

-Baptor (2021)

"Thank you for making my ideas come to life! I appreciate the super fast turn-around and communication! Your work is stellar and you are even more awesome, yourself! You will be seeing me more often, for sure! I cannot wait to see more of your creations!"

-Wolfshade (2021)

"Shimmi is always a pleasure to work with! I've gotten two sketches from her in the past and both times were very pleasant experiences. She's friendly and professional, and the quality of her work is excellent. Plus, communication with her is always prompt and concise. I highly recommend working with her!"

-Ace (2020)

"Everything was well communicated and the artist went above and beyond after making requested changes to the sketch, even doing a new sketch that looked even better because they weren’t happy themselves with the sketch. Super happy with my commission in every way."

-Citrus (2020)

"You’re an absolutely amazing person to work with and the quality and care you put into your art is astonishing! I honestly cannot wait until I can commission you again."

-Axle (2020)

"Definitely recommend! Always got back to me, always friendly and easy to talk to/ Great communication. Bought a sticker pack which she made amazingly, understanding what I wanted, even when some of my ideas were quite vague! Whenever changes were needed, Shimmi fixed them quickly and carefully. Overall, just a joy to commission!"

-Vicey Fox (2020)

"Ordered a commission a little while ago, was delayed a little due to a trip to Japan but I am still very happy with how my pin-up turned out, they were very great to work with and understood everything I asked of them. Couldn't have asked for a better time! Would wholeheartedly recommend!"

-King Rusty (2019)

"Shimmi is an absolute joy to commission. Very quick response time, super friendly and very professional. Whenever I had a questions or comment about basically anything, I'd immediately get a helpful, friendly answer. Commissioned a ref sheet, with some pretty big changes, and they did it -perfectly- I have nothing but love and positivity for this artist. I absolutely recommend Shimmi."

-Firnen the Count (2019)

"Very happy with the result! Shimmi is super cool and also got some nice ideas to add or change on the commission when asked. Communication with Shimmi and myself went pretty much flawlessly :3 Price is also pretty fair, can't complain about that. It's been my second time commissioning Shimmi now, and I'm really looking forward for more! And god, the art style is gorgeous."

-Lukas Mezzo (2019)

"Very easy to commission and work with, fair pricing and great art product, will definitely do business with again! :3"

-FezzFox (2019)

"I have gotten commissions from Shimmi twice now, both being Reference sheets from scratch and both have turned out absolutely amazing, I'm also quite impressed with the speed of which I received both my pieces. Definitely gonna be a return customer!"

-Rave (2019)

"I've commissioned Shimmi a good few times and she's always incredible to work with! She's super friendly, has great delivery times, and does amazing work. She's always seemed genuinely interested in the work I've commissioned from her and has been eager to work with different/challenging ideas! Absolutely couldn't recommend her enough."

-Diego (2018)

"Shimmi has a really nice art style, very responsive and a quick turn around. Had a very positive experience, will commission again in future and highly recommend."

-Matthew Gray (2018)

"Shimmi is a rare spice to add to your curry on a warm summers evening to bring it warming and pleasing flavours with little effort on your part. Shimmi has been easy to work with, very friendly, responsive, and made commissioning a service to me, rather than a chore for her. excellent art and excellent customer service."

-Ember (2018)

"Cannot say enough nice things about Shimmi! Extremely patient, an absolute pleasure to work with and incredibly skilled, so happy with every commission I've had from her <3"

-Viper (2018)